Looking to boost your online presence and gain new customers? We work with small businesses in and around Clayton, NC using Facebook advertising to gain new leads & customers through highly optimized & targeted Facebook ads.

Facebook advertising is a great way to reach your target audience. Normal posts to your Facebook page are typically shown to just 1-2% of the people who live your page. 

With Facebook ads, you can target people who engaged with your page as well as other audiences. We strategically show ads to users on Facebook to generate qualified leads and drive sales to your business!

Start Your Journey

Journey Digital Group is your local Clayton, NC Facebook advertising partner. We create targeted Facebook ads for your business that are designed to let people know your business exists and gain new leads & customers.

Facebook's extensive targeting for ads allows us to hyper target your ideal customers. We target users based on their location, demographics (age, gender, etc.), how they have interacted with your business (website visitors, past customers, etc.), their interests, and more.

How much would it mean to your business if you could get in front of 100, 1000, 5000 new people on one of the most visited sites in the world?

What's Included In Our Facebook Advertising Package

You will receive one Facebook Ad campaign delivered to your target audience (location, age, interests, previous engagement with your business and so much more). We send users to an optimized landing page with an offer where they can opt-in. From there, we send you new leads and give you tools that will improve your conversion & retention rates. 

This package starts at $400 with a minimum monthly advertising budget of $199. Save when you bundle multiple services.

Custom Landing Page

All ads will be sent to a landing page instead of your homepage. The landing page is set up to capture leads and is fully optimized for conversions.

Lead Notification System

One way to increase your lead conversion rate is to respond to them more quickly. Every time a new lead signs up on your website, you will receive a text/email so that you can follow up right away!

Closing Scripts

We've gotten you new leads and notified you, but we don't want to leave you hanging when it comes time to close them. We give you custom closings scripts and follow up sequences that allow you to close more leads.

Email Automation

When a new lead signs up, they will automatically be added to your email list and receive a welcome email.

Retargeting Campaign

Users who visit your landing page may not become a lead or customer right away. Instead of missing this opportunity, we re-engage them with retargeting ads designed to convert them.

Analytics Tracking

We manage the entire ad process for you including analyzing the results. We know your advertising dollars are valuable, so each month we show you exactly where they are going. You will be able to see your cost per lead, reach of ad campaigns and more.

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Are you ready to start reaching new people everyday and making your business visible on one of the largest websites in the world?

We will reach your target audience through Facebook ads and act as your marketing partner for every step in the journey.

Sign up for a free consultation and we’ll talk about how Facebook advertising will change your business.

Journey Digital Group provides digital marketing services to small businesses. We are your marketing partner throughout the entire customer journey. We serve local businesses in and around the Clayton, NC area. Contact us for your Video Advertising, Facebook Advertising, or PPC  Advertising needs.

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