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Landing Page Basics

What is a landing page?

One of the most underused marketing concepts is linking to a landing page instead of sending potential customers to the home page. A landing page is a single page on your website that serves one purpose, such as getting someone to sign up for your mailing list.

wellness massage

For example, your business is a spa that offers facials and massages. On your social media post, you talk about your massage special. In that post, you link to your homepage. The potential customer heads over to your website,

but they browse the homepage then leave. It is better to send that person to a dedicated landing page about the massages your business offers. This page will include a value-oriented headline and a lead capture form. This form will capture name and email of people who are interested in massages. After submitting the form, the user will be taken to a booking page where they can book an appointment.

landing page basicsCreating this sales funnel starting with a topic-specific landing page will allow you to build up an email list of people interested in massages. This method is hands down better than sending potential customers to a standard homepage. Here is another way to think about this. If someone is viewing your post about massages and they are interested in enough to click on your link, they want to see more information about massages on your website. When you link to your homepage, they may see information about massages and all of the other services you offer.



With landing pages, there is a clear connection between the post topic and the page content. Additionally, there is a system to capture contact information from people visiting that page. Instead of a general newsletter sign up on your homepage, create different email lists based on the products or services you offer. You will see higher conversion rates for email list sign-ups and email open rates because you are customizing the content based on what the potential customers are interested in. If you know exactly what products or services a potential customer is interested in based on what landing page they opt-in on, you can provide a much better experience for them. In turn, this will allow the transition from lead to customer to be a lot easier.


Overall, landing pages are meant to lead users to the action you want them to take, such as signing up for your mailing list. 


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