Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Who is your customer?

Understanding who your customer is will help you create an amazing product or service. Not to mention, it will help with marketing your product or service because you will understand who you are speaking to with your messaging.

Marketing to a person who has retired will be very different than a young parent for example. You want your website content, social media posts, and every form of messaging to speak to your perfect customer.You may have an idea in your head of who your customer is, but how do you know if that is correct? In this blog post, we will be going over 4 different ways to figure out, “Who is my customer?”. Luckily, we can use data from YOUR business to get specific about who your current or ideal customer is. These methods will work if you don’t have any customers at the moment or you have been in business for years.

Here are 4 ways you can better understand your current or ideal customer:

google analytics on computer and notepad1. Look at your Google Analytics audience report.

Here you will find information about who is visiting your website (gender, age, location, interests, etc.). Google Analytics also allows you to see how users are interacting with your website, how they came to your website and any purchase activity. 
Learn more in our ‘Google Analytics Basics’ blog post.

2.Survey your current customers.

Always ask for feedback from your current customer base! You’ll receive valuable insight into what you’re doing great and what needs improvement. If you do not currently have customers, survey the people on your email list or social media platforms. If people are interested in your content, they could potentially be your customers. Here is a great article by Entrepreneur.com: 5 Steps to Creating Effective Customer Surveys

3. Market research.

Check associations for your niche, as they typically publish a yearly report with trends and predictions for the year. Also, conduct research on your competitors. You can gain a lot of insight into the niche you would also like to serve.

4. Create a customer avatar using insights from steps 1-3. customer avatar

A customer avatar is a blueprint of your ideal customer. This includes demographic information to pain points this person is experiencing. You should be able to directly tie your business as a solution to their pain points. For a detailed tutorial on how to create a customer avatar, check out our blog post ‘How to Create a Customer Avatar’.


Which of the 4 ways to better understand who your customer is have you implemented in your business? Comment below. 

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