Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels For Beginners

Create an automated sales funnel that will bring in new leads and customers, no matter the time of the day. Think of it as your own salesperson who is on call 24 hours a day.

A sales funnel guides potential clients through becoming a customer. A basic sales funnel will consist of a sales/opt in page, an order page and a thank you page.

The sales/optin page is where information about the product, service, or offer will go. You will explain how your offer will benefit the potential customer while also addressing frequently asked questions and objections. On this page will be a pop-up form where someone will enter their contact information, typically name, email and phone number.  People who submit this form will become a lead and automatically added to your email list.When they submit this form, they will be taken to the order page.

The order page is where they can buy the product or service you are offering. For example, if you are a gym, the sales/opt in page would be about your membership packages. After someone opt ins, they would be taken to the order page where they can select and pay for the membership package. If your offer appointment based, for example a free 15 minute massage, then the order page would instead be where they would sign up for a 15 minute slot.

After someone completes their order or sign-up for a slot, they will be taken to the thank you page, or the last page in the sales funnel. The thank you page should tell them what to expect next and if they need to take any further actions. In the gym membership example, they would have purchased a membership package, so you would tell them what they need to do to start using their new gym.

To recap, the first page in a sales funnel will provide information and a form to collect contact information. The second page in a sales funnel will serve to capture the desired outcome of the sales funnel. This could be a purchase or scheduling a meeting. The last page is the thank you page. This page should explain any next steps and reiterate what they signed up for or purchased.

The purpose of separating these three steps, is to segment where people are in their journey with your business. Furthermore, each page of the sales funnel has no links to any other pages on your website, so the desired outcome of the funnel is the only thing that is focused on. For example, you are a spa business and potential customers can schedule an appointment on your website. A potential customer comes to your website and looks through your website for information about your services. They are interested in swedish massages but do not purchase. With just a website, you don’t know their interest level and you didn’t capture their contact information and note that they a specifically interested in massages. With a sales funnel, you can send potential customers interested in massages to a dedicated funnel ONLY about massages.

The first page would describe the different massages offered, the benefits, etc. Here they can put in their contact information. Next, if they go to the order page but do not purchase, you have a way to contact them specifically about massages. Another benefit of using sales funnels is that you can direct your social media followers to different sales funnels instead of your website homepage. For example, if you were posting about facial treatments, add a call to action to your facials sales funnel. People who are interested in facials can find information without any other distractions.


Creating a sales funnel will increase your conversion rates and allow you to segment your leads and deliver customized content. In addition, you can retarget people who do not optin on the first page or order on the 2nd page through Facebook ads, Google ads or email sequences.You will also have a list of people who did order aka your customers.

For more information on how your business can use a sales funnel, schedule a consultation call with us at

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