Google Adwords

Google Adwords For Beginners

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With Google Adwords, your ads can appear in the Google search results and on Google partner sites. When someone performs a Google search, your business can show up in the results. We compile a list of highly targeted keywords (what potential customers search) and determine the bid for each keyword.   Google works like an […]

Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising for Beginners

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  Have you seen an ad while scrolling through Facebook? Facebook has an incredible advertising platform with numerous targeting options and powerful analytics.   Facebook great because you can target people who may not have found your business otherwise. What do I mean by this? With Google ads, someone is actively searching for something. You […]

Lead Magnets

4 Key Components Every Lead Magnet Should Have

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A lead magnet is a piece of content the user receives in exchange for them giving you their contact information. Lead magnets are a great way to build a list of qualified leads. By creating lead magnets for different services or products your business offers, you can send personalized content that the user wants. For […]